Machining Operations

Collection of air contaminants produced during machiningrepresents a very broad range of air quality challenges. Depending on the operation we may be addressing mist, steam, oilmist, smoke, chips, long stringy shavings, carbon dust, sparks and fire, or explosion hazards. With 40+ years of applications experience we have addressed most cases. A key to understanding the filtration of the air pollutants produced is understanding their particle size and other attributes. Is the pollutant a solid or liquid, sticky, thermally produced or can it catch fire. Whatever the case we can assist you.

Applications We have Systems on
  • Machining using coolants (various kinds)
  • Machining with straight oils (various kinds)
  • Cold heading
  • Dry machining
  • Grinding (various kinds ID, OD, Flat, Profile, centerless)
  • EDM
  • Many others