Best-in-Class Air Filtration Product Manufacturers

As a rep of the finest air filtration systems and components available, the Summit team has the resources to ensure the best air filtration system is designed, engineered, installed, and supported for years to come.

For nearly two decades, Summit has engineered and designed superior air filtration systems with best-in-class air filtration components. It’s how we’ve achieved the desired indoor air quality for Fortune 100 corporations to small machining shops.

Having a robust portfolio of best-in-class product manufacturers allows Summit to custom engineer air quality solutions. It enables “The Summit Difference” to treat each facility uniquely and ensures the right equipment and system process is specified from the onset.

Summit works with only the most highly regarded manufacturers

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Summit Featured Manufacturers

Specializing in fume, dust, and mist collection, Camfil Air Pollution Control offers world-class solutions to create and maintain optimal indoor air quality for a variety of industrial applications. They manufacture fume extractors, wet and dry dust collectors, mist collectors, high-performance replacement filters, and a variety of accessories ideal for customizing dust collection systems.

Camfil is focused on ensuring a workforce has the safe and compliant environment to be happy, healthy, and productive. They provide solutions for some of the nation’s top manufacturers, such as 3M, Bridgestone and General Electric.

Scientific Dust Collectors has patented numerous advancements in dust collection technology and offer highly advanced solutions to remove all kinds of dust from a variety of industrial facilities. They manufacture baghouse dust collectors, cartridge collectors, cyclone collectors, downdraft tables and other options to ensure harmful work environment dust is properly collected.

Nederman manufactures indoor air quality equipment for applications ranging from welding to woodworking, and from food production to medical. Their offerings include dust collectors, as well as combustible dust collectors, mist collectors, fume extractors, stationary filter systems, and a strong catalog of fans, pumps and ducts.

Nederman prides itself in providing products for a clean industrial work environment making for better lives for all.

AGET offers dust collectors, mist collectors, downdraft tables, and rotary air locks for applications in numerous industrial settings. Their cyclone dust collector with a shaker bag is particularly popular with technical schools and other educational settings as no compressed air is used in the collection process.

Nordfab specializes in quick-fit, clamp-together ducting for a wide range of industrial air ventilation and particle collection applications.

Ducting products by Nordfab are ideally suited for ventilation in facilities such as metalworking plants, woodworking shops, concrete and plastics manufacturing, and even coffee roasting facilities. It’s a name to be trusted.

AirPro Fan & Blower Company offers standard and custom fans for a variety of industrial process applications. With airflows available up to 500,000 CFM and standard pressure up to 140 WG, these fans are crucial for systems when fume extraction, dust collection, and general ventilation are required.

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