Choose the Right Ducting for Your Application

Whether ducting is needed for dust, mist or fume collection, three choices must be made to accurately design the right ducting for the application:

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Summit guarantees to deliver the right duct product for your system application’s requirements

Easy to use clamp together (QF) ducts in sizes up to 24″ • Galvanized, SS, or Carbon Steel • Gauges from 22 to 10 • Sizes up to 72″ • Wide selection of products for special applications • Custom fittings to meet any demand

Summit Helps Navigate the Best Ductwork Manufacturers for Your Project

Tips on Choosing the Right Supplier … or Combination of Ductwork Suppliers

Finding the ideal vendor to design, spec and manufacture all the required ducting for either a dust, mist or fume collection system can be a challenge.

Ensuring all the required duct components are received on a timely basis can compound the issue.

That’s where Summit comes in.

Summit will design and spec the right components … even if you choose to install ducting yourself.

Ideally we incorporate as many “quick clamp” style of ducting components as possible. (A clamp wraps around two connecting pieces and simply snaps closed. No tools needed.)

Plus, quick clamp ducting installs more than 45% faster than traditional ductwork. It’s strong, durable, and a reusable product that is easily cleaned and reconfigured during facility reorganizations or machinery moves.

Quick clamp components come in a variety of metals, gauges, duct sizes, and clamp styles. All snap together in seconds without welds, bolts, screws, flanges, or special tools.

It can be integrated into other systems and retrofitted into traditional ductwork as well.

Summit will make sure the right ducting products for your project are specified, delivered on-time, and installed efficiently, correctly and cost effectively.

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