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Summit works with a variety of the most reputable and state-of-the-art industry manufacturers of dust collectors. There are a number of choices, but only one system will be right for you. Our team’s analysis of your facility will surface the correct equipment to create a system for your individualized needs.

What products will best suit my dust collection needs?

Let Summit’s knowledgeable staff of engineers and former plant managers guide you through the pertinent questions and options. You’ll be confident the dust collection system you’re installing is specifically designed for your facility.

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Is Your Dust Combustible?

The right dust collector might need a system including fire/explosion mitigation components.

Breathe Easier with a Quality Dust Collector

The presence of various types of dust can be quite hazardous to workers, equipment, and the facility where the work is taking place. Consequences of airborne dust can be as minor as low-grade allergic reactions among workers, but certain kinds of dust can cause a fire and even explosions.

Good indoor air quality is not necessarily the first perk an employee will talk about at their workplace, but bad indoor air quality would certainly be one of their complaints.

Hazards related to dust vary greatly, depending upon the type of dust. In any industry where dust is dispersed into the air, dust collection must always be among a company’s highest priorities.

Learn more about potential dust hazards

Did you know dust collection systems can contribute to sustainability and be environmentally responsible?

Asking yourself what is the best dust collector for your workplace?

Because dust collection is so vitally important, and since there are so many forms of dust, it truly is necessary to have the right system for your facility.

How do you determine which dust collector is the best? Is a baghouse dust collector better than a cyclone dust collector? Is wet dust collection better than dry dust collection?

The objective is not necessarily to find the best dust collector, but the dust collection system that best suits your specific needs.

To identify the best solution for your unique facility, begin with simpler questions.

  • What is your specific industry?
  • What kind of dusts are present in your facility, and are they combustible?
  • Are there often sparks in your facility?
  • Are your workstations arranged tightly or do they have abundant space?
  • What hours of the day do you run machines that require dust collection?

These questions are just the beginning. Summit’s experts run a complete analysis of every facility where we install equipment, ensuring that your custom-designed system is the best fit for your dust collection needs.

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