Fume Extraction is Essential to Worker Health and Safety

Industrial fume comes in a variety of forms. It is comprised of smoke and solid particulate and it is often a byproduct of processes where metal is heated in some way.

The particles in these fumes can be extremely hazardous to employees within the workspace.

Fume extraction is imperative for companies who work with welding, plasma cutting, fabrication, or other functions where metal is being affected with heat.

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Source Capture vs. Ambient Air Systems

Navigating Fume Extraction Options

Two primary options exist when it comes to collection and extraction systems — source capture and ambient air systems. Facility infrastructure, space, and type of pollutants are significant factors in designing the correct system.

Often source capture devices are needed as part of an overall air filtration plan as they remove pollutants.

Source capture welding fume extractors, such as the Nederman Extraction Arm, are incorporated into individual workstations. They provide efficient means of improving indoor air quality by collecting fumes at a very close distance, ensuring that hazardous materials never reach the breathing zone of any nearby workers.

Like extraction arms, overhead and side draft hoods also provide close collection capability, but without the use of an arm. While not as direct as the extraction arm, hoods will still remove fumes before they can potentially harm your company’s employees.

The same can be said for fume downdraft tables like the ones manufactured by Diversitech, which utilize a fume extractor atop the work table to pull critical gases away.

For companies with limited fume extraction needs, a portable extractor or booth can be the optimal solution. Portables such as the Nederman Portable Dust Extractor offer flexibility and opportunity for facilities without a large stationary unit.

In some plant environments, there are infrastructural circumstances that require the addition of an ambient air ventilation system, such as the Tanis and Industrial Maid ambient collectors. These systems can be very effective in improving air quality for an entire facility and come at a variety of costs. Yet keep in mind, they don’t remove pollutants from the air until after entering your workers’ breathing zone.

Learn the basics of Source capture vs. Ambient air systems

What products will best suit my fume extraction needs?

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