Replacement Filters and Parts Available

When it comes time to obtain replacement filters and other parts, Summit will help ensure the right equipment is selected.

We will inspect your systems free of charge to determine the best replacement filters and parts for your specific circumstances.

Your indoor air quality is too important to leave it to chance.

The Summit team are experts in air filtration.  Put our extensive knowledge navigating OSHA and NFPA standards to work for you.

We will listen to your preferences, but also make recommendations based on our expertise. We offer products from the best-in-class brands. Summit stocks high-efficiency nanofiber and other premium filter media, and our inventory includes a wide range of product types.

Discover the Summit Difference

Replacement Filters

Filter media and construction is critical for optimal performance of your pollutant collection system. A wide selection is available.

Depending on the concentration and unique properties of your process dust or mist collection system, Summit Filtration will recommend the filter media and construction type best suited for your application.

  • Cartridge dust collector filters 
  • Baghouse fabric dust bag filters
  • Pleated bag filters
  • Cyclone after filters
  • Mist collection filters
  • Nanofiber filters
  • Aluminum & steel mesh filters
  • Impingers
  • HEPA & 95% ASHRAE filters
  • Rigid box filters
  • Pocket filters
  • Pleated filters
  • Roll media filters
  • Paint booth filters
  • Activated carbon

Replacement Parts

Maintaining optimum operation of your dust collection system is essential to maximizing filter life and conserving compressed air, labor, and electricity costs.

In the event of a part failure, contact Summit for factory direct replacement parts. We move quickly on replacement parts to reduce system or facility downtime.

Not sure which kind of part is needed? Here’s a handy reference.

  • Diaphragm valves are flexible two-directional valves that control the speed of airflow through a system by widening or narrowing the passageway. They create air pulses that help clean the system.

  • Diaphragm valve repair kits are crucial for dust collection system maintenance as flexible pieces must be replaced when their performance begins to diminish.

  • Solenoid valves are electric components that control cleaning mechanisms within dust collection systems.

  • Differential pressure gauges provide pressure readings from inside the dust collection system. Readings will indicate whether filters are getting old and nearing replacement, and whether there are leaks or other failures within the system.

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