Industrial Vacuums Capture Contaminants

Industrial vacuum systems do more than just make your business look nice – they remove unwanted pollutants and help you maintain optimal indoor air quality.

Brooms and compressed air are simple ways to rid surfaces of unwanted debris, but they also disperse particles into the air.

In many cases, OSHA requires industrial vacuums – sometimes even HEPA vacuums – for cleanup applications, as they are the only way to properly remove the hazardous materials from your workplace.

Vacuums Can Be Customized

At Summit, we understand the maintenance needs that companies face, and we’re here to help you find the industrial vacuum that’s best for you.

Our industrial vacuums and vacuum systems come in a variety of sizes and types, for a wide range of uses. We offer electric and air driven industrial vacuum systems, HEPA vacuums, NFPA compliant central vacuum systems, and explosion-proof vacuums. We also offer a complete line of attachments for your industrial vacuum or vacuum system.

Summit industrial vacuum systems are designed specifically for your plant. They can be equipped with self-cleaning, pulse control, variable frequency drives (or VFDs), and other customizations.

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Are Industrial Vacuums Really Necessary?

In a word, yes. The right industrial vacuum system will rid your workspace of hazardous materials from metal dust particles to silica dust.

The potential hazards extend beyond your employees health. It can damage equipment and put your facility at risk.

Get the specifics on dust related hazards

Contact Summit to discuss industrial vacuums and we’ll help you select the best system option for your unique needs.

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