You Have Dust You Know About, and Dust You Don’t …

Dust doesn’t belong in your business. It can affect your workers’ health and safety. It can affect production and your end product.

Dust is often the culprit putting a bottom line at risk.

Summit is best equipped to help you get the right air filtration system in place to effectively and efficiently remove all your dust-related hazards, along with potentially harmful fume, smoke and mist.

Understanding Your Air Quality and Making it Better

There is a wide range of pollutants that affect air quality in industrial facilities. Process dust, for example, is a very common problem at facilities in all industries.

Process dust is dust that comes from an ongoing industrial process.

There are many processes generating dust, such as metalworking, dry food packing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Process dust can be hazardous to employee well-being, but it can also collect within machinery causing extensive damage. In some cases, the dust is even combustible and explosive.

Process dust is an important hazard to identify and address. However, it is just one of the potential hazards that can affect air quality within an industrial facility.

Summit has the expertise and the  testing capabilities to thoroughly investigate and analyze anything that may be affecting the air in your business. We have the design and engineering capabilities to provide you with the perfect air filtration system to mitigate hazards.

Solving an indoor air quality issue begins with fact finding. Begin by asking these five common questions to get the discovery process started.

Air Filtration Systems are not created equal. Summit is a proud representative of world-class air filtration component manufacturers.

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Source Capture vs. Ambient Air Systems

When it comes to collection and extraction systems, the two primary options are source capture and ambient air systems. Facility infrastructure and space are significant factors when selecting the system type that best suits a situation.

In some plant environments, circumstances will require an ambient air ventilation system. These systems are very effective in improving air quality for an entire facility.

Three things to remember …

  1. Ambient air filtration systems come at a variety of costs but their operation requires more filters and more air flow, which leads to higher energy costs.
  2. Ambient systems don’t remove pollutants from the air until after they’ve entered a workers’ breathing zone.
  3. Often source capture devices are needed as part of the overall air filtration plan.

To remove pollutants, source capture systems are incorporated into individual workstations. They provide efficient means of improving indoor air quality by collecting dust, fumes, and smoke at point-blank range. This approach ensures that hazardous materials never reach the breathing zone of the worker or other neighboring workers.

A Range of Source Capture Devices

  • Downdraft Tables are available in pre-engineered sizes or custom configurations. We offer tables designed to connect to a separate dust collector, along with self-contained tables.

  • Extractor Arms are available as standard models, chemical resistant, or electrostatic dissipative, in diameters ranging from 1.5” to 4” and lengths up to 8’.

  • Telescopic Arms are ideal for areas too tight for an extractor arms’ elbow joint. They come in lengths ranging from 3′ to 7′, with a 6” diameter. These arms are typically used in welding training booths.

  • Externally Supported Arms offer the highest airflow rates with the lowest pressure drop. This style of arm ranges from 7′ to 30′ in length and 5″ to 8″ diameter. CFM ranges generally between 500 and 1500 CFM.

  • Food/Pharmaceutical Grade Arms offer stainless steel construction, GMP rated construction, and food-grade flexible duct.

Is your dust combustible?
Can it explode?

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