Airflow Needs Inform Industrial Fan Choices

When you need a fan for industrial purposes, you need it to be the right fan.

Any fan can move air the way you want it to move, but the right industrial exhaust fan provides the correct airflow at system static pressure while minimizing noise, energy use, and maintenance.

Call the Summit experts. We’ll get you the right industrial fans for your application. Guaranteed.

At Summit, we offer all types of industrial exhaust fans – 500 CFM to 250,000 CFM, and with variable flow energy savings in mind.

Fans are “out of the box” ready for your company’s industrial air filtration system specific need. A wide variety of fans are available to handle clean air, high temperature, corrosive materials or material handling situations. Choose from fans manufactured in basic steel, plastic, aluminum (AMCA A, B, or C), and even exotic metals.

Industrial fans are intended for industrial applications. All can be mounted to your equipment or built in your preferred configuration. All are customizable. In fact, we regularly equip fans with silencers to reduce decibel levels.

Types of Industrial Fans 

  • Airfoil
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Backward Inclined High Volume
  • Radially Tipped High Volume
  • Industrial Exhauster Paddle Wheel
  • Radial bladed with flat Backplate
  • Industrial Exhauster Air Handling
  • Trim Handling
  • High Pressure Radial Low Volume

Industrial Strength Air Filtration Systems Engineered to Each Factories Unique Needs. Guaranteed.