Summit Designs Air Filtration Systems

Dust Collection

Hazards related to dust vary greatly, depending upon the type of dust that could potentially be in the air at any given facility. Metal dust particles, silica dust, and even explosive dusts can lead to equipment damage and serious health and safety issues.

Summit dust collection systems are committed to keeping breathing zones free of pollutants and keep your indoor air quality optimal.

Mist Collection

Oil mist forms when metalworking fluids are used to cool or lubricate machines during metal machining processes. Airborne oil mist can lead to respiratory issues among workers, but when it lands on surfaces, it can also damage equipment and create slip and fall hazards.

Upon analyzing your oil mist makeup and general circumstances of your facility, Summit will design the correct mist collection system for your unique situation.

Fume & Smoke Extraction

Industrial fume from welding and other processes is comprised of smoke and solid particulate.

The particles in these fumes – which may include hexavalent chromium, manganese or zinc oxide – can create serious respiratory ailments for workers.

Understanding the makeup of your fumes, and the best ways to utilize source capture and ambient air extraction methods to remove them, are essential. Summit has the expertise to do both.

Industrial Fans & Vacuums

While a tidy workspace is nice, a workspace free of hazardous particles is crucial.

Industrial fans and vacuum systems work side-by-side to keep your facility free of pollutants that create health and safety issues. They remove the particles that brooms and compressed air tools simply cannot collect.

Summit will custom design and install the best industrial fans and vacuums to suit your specific needs.

Replacement Filters & Parts

When it comes time to obtain replacement filters and other parts for a variety of applications in your industrial facility, Summit can help ensure that you are using the correct equipment.

We will listen to your preferences on filter media and other variables, but also make recommendations based on our experience and knowledge of OSHA and NFPA standards.

Why Summit?

The Summit Advantage is Unparalleled

Custom Engineered Solutions

As no two facilities or plants are alike, nor should two air filtration systems be alike. The Summit team analyzes each industrial space for its unique complexities to ensure the right equipment and system process are specified from the onset.

Expertise in Filtration Technology

For two decades, Summit has engineered and designed superior air filtration systems for Fortune 100 corporations to small machining shops.

Best-in-Class Components

As a representative of the very best air filtration systems available, the Summit team has the resources to ensure the best air filtration system is designed, engineered, and installed … backed by continuing support for years to come.

Summit knows air filtration systems and has a 98.9% overall customer satisfaction rate to back it up.

Implementing the right air filtration system to suit a company’s indoor air quality is not a simple task. Experience and a track record of success count – especially when it comes to addressing hazardous airborne particles.

Contact us whether your project is simple or complex … whether it’s a need for an ambient air system to solve overall indoor air quality or a source capturing system to catch contaminants before they disperse.

The Summit Team

Engineers and Seasoned Plant Managers are air quality ventilation system specialists

Summit brings an expansive and in depth knowledge of air filtration to the table.

Team members have spent decades as industrial plant managers and engineers. Others who have spent their career in air filtration industry.

All are an empowered team encouraged to lend their expertise to each and every project. It’s one way we ensure a quality ventilation system is designed and installed every time.

Our History

In 2003 Bud Kieffer envisioned a better way to approach air filtration systems. So began, Summit Filtration Technology, LLC.

After spending more than a decade working for and with the global leaders in air filtration system manufacturing, it became clear to Bud that not one solution was the perfect solution for each and every space.

Bud felt to really do it right, you needed to engineer the system by adding this or that … or replacing a component with a competitor’s product. Obviously when you work for one manufacturer, that ability was off the table. It bothered Bud.

Perhaps it was his Midwest upbringing where integrity and honesty are highly prized, but Bud knew he had to do air filtration systems the right way.

The Summit way was formalized. Bring the best components under one roof and engineer a system that works exceptionally well and is future proofed for tomorrow. Design the system for the unique challenges and needs of each individual plant.

Bud’s early customers were intrigued by the approach. Fast forward 20 years. Summit’s first customer is still a customer. In fact, a number of those early customers have gone onto other positions and have chosen to call on Summit at their new engagements.

The Summit way has proven its mettle.