Take Charge of Your System

The only way to know that you have the correct ventilation system for your facility is to have experts analyze your circumstances and install exactly what suits your specific needs.

After your system install, you will need controls in order to monitor the system and keep it running correctly.

Summit offers a wide range of system controls enabling you to keep your system running smoothly, efficiently, and as simply as possible.

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Acquaint Yourself with Available Controls

Variable frequency drives (or VFDs) are motor controllers that offer numerous advantages. They are designed to alter the speed of a motor to maintain consistent performance in the device the motor is running.

VFDs can alter motor speed to maintain air and water pressure, fan speed, and much more. In the case of ventilation systems, variable frequency drives can maintain desired air flow and alert when pressure variations indicate that the system needs cleaning or other maintenance.

Particulate monitors and broken bag monitors track the flow of particulates in ventilation ducts. These monitors alert workers when the bag or filter in a ventilation system is broken or leaking. The alert prevents an issue continuing any longer than necessary.

Pressure gauges monitor the pulse of air and particles going into the dust collector for management and cleaning purposes.

Touch screen monitors for industrial dust collectors allow workers to easily monitor and manage all of your dust collector’s functions. Inputs can be connected to pressure sensor monitors, leak detectors, flow meters, hopper level monitors, smoke detectors, and even remote cleaning.

Timer boards monitor and control the pulse timing of your dust collector’s cleaning cycles. Most models offer both continuous cycle and on-demand cleaning monitor modes.

Soft starters are devices that control the acceleration and deceleration of motors, allowing a motor to gradually adjust to the torque and other factors involved in operation. They prevent wear on motor parts, increasing their longevity.

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