By their very nature, dust collection systems help the environment by removing materials from the air that would otherwise create pollution and damage.

Plus by simply adjusting fan speed to account for pressure drop, using proper pulse-jet cleaning to keep dust from obstructing the system and selecting filter media to suit your specific dust, all contribute to equipment longevity and reduced energy consumption.

There are ways that a dust collection system can contribute to sustainability, as well.

  • Select a heavy-duty dust collector that is energy efficient and the correct size for your needs – made from sustainable materials, if possible.
  • Use environmentally compliant and long-life filters.
  • Invest in a timer board to control pulse-cleaning, a variable-frequency drive to control fan speed, and a premium efficiency fan motor. All of these equipment investments will save on energy in the long run.

While designing your dust collection system, Summit can walk you through the steps to ensure that your system is not only effective, but environmentally responsible.