Combustible dust and explosive dust are terms you may have heard, but do you know what they are? Do you know if the dust or dusts in your plant present serious risk of fire or even explosion?

Combustible dusts are particles of materials that are flammable, and they come from a variety of sources.

There are metal dusts that are flammable, but there are food dusts – such as flour and sugar – that are flammable, as well. 

Under common, normal operating circumstances, either metal or food dusts can combine with a single spark and become a fire or even an explosion.

Understanding the dust that exists within your facility and then designing a dust collection system to remove that dust (and sparks) from the premises are essential to keeping your business free of combustible dust-related hazards.

We at Summit are experts at discerning combustible dust and recognizing the elements comprising the dust explosion pentagon. Call us for a no obligation consultation. We will help you ascertain potential risks and provide you with doable solutions.

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