Summit understands what you need to be compliant for today and keeps an eye on tomorrow

Navigating stringent regulations can be a taxing experience for your business. Keeping up with the latest requirements and ensuring that your facility is up to code is a job in itself.

Fortunately, Summit has the expertise and knowledge of all pertinent regulations. We keep abreast of what’s on the horizon. It’s our way of “future proofing” system designs to keep our customer’s factories and facilities within compliance … and minimize their downtime.

Learn more how we are addressing the latest standards from the major governing agencies.

ANSI/ASHRAE: The ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 199-2016 will eventually be a mandatory standard for dust collection systems. With that in mind, we preemptively design our systems to be in compliance with this standard. Learn more »

OSHA: OSHA’s regulations about combustible dust hazards, silica dust collection, and hexavalent chromium extraction all need to factor into a strategy when developing system plans. Learn more »

NFPA: The NFPA’s standards on combustible dust are pretty straight forward. Learn more »