You may be wondering whether the level of expertise Summit brings to the table makes a difference for your company. Does the product quality, engineering, and attention to detail really make your indoor air quality that much better, and will it be cost effective in the long run?

Yes, it matters. Look at the whole.

When it comes to air quality, you can’t take chances. Entrusting your air filtration needs to a lesser system will not only cost you in air quality – it can cost your workers their health and safety. It can cause damage to your equipment and facility. It can affect your compliance with legal ramifications.

An air filtration salesperson walking into your facility cannot adequately capture everything you need to know by just visually surveying your facility. You need to dig into the details. A team of experts is necessary to understand your goals, and possess the knowledge of how to achieve them. They know how to coordinate equipment with current systems and how to make it all happen efficiently.

Plus, a team of experts is inecessary to determine if there are issues in play that you aren’t aware of, such as …  Do you have combustible or explosive dust in your facility? If so, are you collecting it in a way that’s compliant with all of the latest standards?

In our experience, one product line alone doesn’t most efficiently achieve any one company’s goals.

That’s why Summit does business the way we do. Summit compiles all of the specific information needed and creates recommendations, complete with 3-D models, of the system your facility should have … what the situation truly demands.

Our team has a combined 120 years of experience in air filtration. A team comprised of engineers and former plant managers. Experts at knowing the strengths of the best dust collector manufacturers in the industrial air filtration industry.

The Summit team is unrivaled in its ability to create a solution needed by your business. When it comes to the indoor air quality at your business, you shouldn’t settle for anything less.