Choosing the Right Solution

Which way do you go? As customers get into it they realize that containing and removing air contamination is not an easy process. We completely understand that, that is why our Solutions are not a one type or size fits all. We engineer the right solution once you and we understand the contamination we will be collecting.

The nature of your dust and how and where it is produced greatly influences the best type of filtration system we choose and how we come up with the best method of capture.

Here are some general comments on what systems fit best.

-Predropout (Cyclone, Box, dropout chamber). This is generally used where there is heavy loading or we are trying to remove larger particulate or fibers and then let the smaller particulate go on to the baghouse or cartridge filter.

-Cartridge (Vertical or Horizontal) Filtration.


-Wet Collector

-Media or Hepa Filtration

-Carbon adsorption

-Explosion issues

Each one of these types of filtration has its place and with our 35+ years of application experience and leading manufacturers that produce these different types of equipment, we will recommend the right equipment and explain to you why you need it. Please contact us today.