Combustible Dust Solutions

With the quickly changing regulations regarding dust collection explosions, having a partner that can direct you toward the right spark detection/suppression system or explosion suppression or explosion venting solution is an important consideration.

Your first concern is to know the Kst Value of your dust. We have partners that can test your dust for you and give you independent reports that will show Kst Value, Pmax and more data if needed.

We will then work with you to assess your current situation or to make recommendations on which equipment will best fit your new dust collection solution.

We will address and educate you on the correct NFPA guidelines and OSHA considerations.

  • Aluminum dust
  • Wood dust
  • Food powders
  • Pharmaceutical dusts
  • Metal fabrication dust
  • Metal finishing operations (shot blast)
  • Thermal Spray
  • Any dust with a Kst Value above zero
Equipment to Consider
  • Spark Detection (IR)
  • Spark Suppression
  • Abort Dampers
  • Explosion Venting
  • Explosion Suppression
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishing
  • Flameless Explosion Venting
  • Backdraft Dampers