Source Capture Methods and Devices

Productivity in your plant can suffer when air quality is poor. Put us to the test in coming up with methods to capture the contamination at the source. Dust, fibers, sparks, mist, smoke, fumes, odors and heat; we have experience in designing hoods or applying source capture devices to capture the contamination.

We understand and can explain the science behind making source capture work. Let us show you how it may work for you. At Summit our attitude is to work with you and your process so we understand what operators do before we recommend a source capture device. If it gets in their way and slows down production it won’t get used. Let us work with you to provide the right solution.

Devices Used For Source Capture

Custom Hoods can be designed and applied for many situations. We have experience designing and building hoods, enclosures and sound reduction enclosures.

Downdraft Tables are available in pre-engineered sizes or custom configurations. We offer tables to connect to a separate dust collector or self contained tables.

Laboratory Extractor Arms are available in 1.5” diameter to 4” diameter and up to 8’ in length. We offer standard, chemical resistant and electrostatic dissipative.

Telescopic Arms are excellent for tight areas where you don’t have the room for the elbow joint. General length is 3'-7' and 6' diameter. These arms are typically used in welding training booths.

Externally Supported Arms offer the highest airflow rates with the lowest pressure drop. This style of arm ranges from 7' to 30' in length and 5" to 8" diameter. CFM ranges are generally 500 to 1500 CFM.

Food/Pharmaceutical Grade Arms offer stainless steel construction, GMP rated construction, food grade flexible duct.