Food and Pharmaceutical Applications

Food and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities require a high standard of ventilation and dust collection expertise to provide the proper solution, protect workers, meet quality goals and protect against contamination. We have the required expertise because we have chemical, mechanical and pharmaceutical engineering experience to combine with our ventilation, filtration and turn key system expertise.

We know that cGMPs, USDA, FDA and other regulations have a serious impact on how systems are designed, installed and maintained. The explosive nature of many dusts also requires NFPA and OSHA regulations be seriously considered. We have the expertise to meet explosion resistant standards for ST1,2,or 3 dusts for the entire system. We can also provide dust testing for filter compatibility and Kst values.

Our complete solutions will take into account your process, have the required materials of construction, provide the correct capture devices and allow you to be compliant with regulations. Please contact us for your no obligation consultation.