Industrial Fans

The right fan will provide the correct airflow at system static pressure while minimizing noise, energy use and maintenance. We take all of these issues into account when choosing a fan for your application.

At Summit we offer all types of industrial fans from 500 CFM to 250,000 CFM designed to handle clean air, high temperature, corrosive or material handling situations. We offer construction in basic steel, plastic, aluminum (AMCA A, B or C) and exotic metals. Most of our fans are selected with variable flow energy savings in mind.

The Equipment

Our fans are industrial duty. We offer wheel design including Airfloil, backward inclined, radial tipped, radial, trim handling and others specialty fans. From basic fan sets to heavy industrial applications.

Our fans can be direct mounted to equipment or built in any ground mount or specialty configuration.
  • Airfoil
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Backward Inclined High Volume
  • Radially Tipped High Volume
  • Industrial Exhauster Paddle Wheel
  • Radial bladed with flat Backplate
  • Industrial Exhauster Air Handling
  • Trim Handling
  • High pressure radial low volume 50-140" wg