Dust Collection

Effective and low maintenance dust collection systems begin with the right dust collector. Summit Filtration's engineered approach helps you choose the right unit. Since NOT ALL DUST IS THE SAME understanding how the dust will behave in your dust collector is the most important step! Once we understand the dust then we choose the RIGHT dust collector. We can do this because we represent leading companies that provide Cyclones, Baghouses, Vertical or Horizontal Cartridge Units and Wet Dust Collectors. We have a broad application experience base of more that 30 years.

WE WILL provide you a solution that works and we will guarantee it. Equipment or a full turn-key system, we are your source for a quality and well thought out solution.


Cyclones offer basic filtration or preseparation for mixed dust loads. They are excellent for larger particulate or to be used as a prefilter or spark trap. 800 CFM to 50,0000 CFM.

Baghouses are a preferred technology for many dusts. They can handle heavy dust loads and materials that may be slightly sticky or agglomerate. We go the extra mile and offer baghouses with drop-out chambers, cross flow air patterns that allow for better drop out during cleaning, wide filter spacing to improve efficiency and decreased bridging and the best reverse pulse cleaning system in the industry. 1000 CFM to 500000 CFM. Filter life generally 3-5 years!

Cartridge Filtration is the most efficient and compact filtration for dust and can be housed in a vertical or horizontal orientation. We offer both but our preferred choice is a vertical cartridge because it offers far superior cleaning and longer filter life. Our units offer the highest available efficiency, longest filter life and lowest maintenance in the industry. Our construction quality, strength and finish shows in our products. Standard 7 and 10 gage construction with powder-coating inside and out. You will have a unit that lasts for years with filter life that is twice that of our competitors, and we will put that in writing. 500 CFM to 500000 CFM.

Wet Dust Collection is sometimes the only option due to the fire/explosion hazard or sticky hygroscopic nature of a particulate. We offer a full range of collectors with the best construction and a 40 year proven track record. Standard construction with epoxy finishes or stainless steel is available. 500 to 50,000 CFM.

The Right Filtraton and Filters for the Application